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El Meurtiachi


"Colonel Aureliano Buendia organised thirty-two armed uprisings and he lost them all."
crossing border - failure BUT revered in army at home "...one of our greatest men."
however, double-edged as said by officer trying to track down Jose Arcadio Buendia

Aureliano Segundo: "...Macondo had been a prosperous place and well on its way until it was disordered and corrupted by the banana company, whose engineers brought on the deluge as a pretext to avoid promises made to the workers."

a "truth" of border-crossing bringing disempowerment that has been denied by the oppressors; disempowering economically, in context of human rights and even the weather

"With Ursula's death the house gagain fell into a neglect from which eit could not be rescued even by a will as resolute and rigorous as that of Amaranta Ursula"
crossing border of life-death gives up power of maintanance that had been Ursula's strength in life

"He won't ever come into this house again" Fernanda said, "as long as he carries the rash of the foreigners"
banishment from house under new rule, because of new rule

"Look at the mess we've got ourselves into," Colonel Aureliano Buendia said at that time "just because we invited a gringo to eat some bananas"
about disruptive foreign neighbours "at that time" foreshadows (dramatic irony)

"...built a seperate town across the railroad tracks..."

"The section was surrounded by a metal fence topped with a band of electrified chicken wire which during the cool summer mornings would be black with roasted swallows"


"...I'd been out of work ever since I defended her honour.."
crossing border disempowers (branded as traitor for sticking up for individual)

"...I bowed too, as though they'd included me in their greeting..."
aware that they did not, no power

"...they were actually ignoring me, barely tolerating me as someone who went along with Lise."
unaware at the time.

"I seemed to gain stature in her eyes, more than if I'd been a Czech count..."

"...I was stabdubg here with my penis in my hand to prove myself worthy of marrying a German."
undignified, ridiculous situation

"But already I saw that these women thought of me as a flunky, as less than a flunky..It was as if I wasn't there at all, as if I meant no more to them than a clothes horse."
women -- usually his only source of "power" see him as nothing, contrasts with previous view of them seeing him as familiar and friendly

"If I had a hotel in Prague, they'd have to respect me..."
border crossing again to gain respect - self respect, and a business to gain else's respect
(respect gained in end by wanting to be alone, lost by being dressed up)

"...saw myself as I never had before, as a member of Sokol who when the Germans were executing Czech patriots had allowed Nazi doctors to examine him to determine if he could have sexual intercourse with a German gym teacher, and while people at home were suffering he was sitting pretty in German hotels and inns, serving the German army and the S.S. Waffe"
crosses border in his mind of identifying - guilt? life put in context.

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