"All I heard was the screams of "RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNN!!!!!!!" as I moved through the corridor. Or maybe it was more of a commanding yell? Anyway, next thing I know, I was running. Then, all of a sudden, I am on a bed, arm being gripped at an impossible angle and a knee dug directly into my back. All I remember thinking was "Don't shit yourself, don't shit yourself..." Then; Pop. I didn't shit myself. Something much worse had happened. Now that's what you call a miscarriage of justice. I wouldn't joke, but I've seen it happen to other girls.."

History, not my story

Was gonna write something about the way we view attitudes and behaviours in societies, and mention a wee anecdote about a Muslim saying to me on Holocaust Memorial Day that they Jews were behind the Holocaust, and then a German saying to me that "No, the Jews were behind the wall", but I'm too nervous.

So here's a wee bitta good news in the U.S.


and a bitta good news for the UK (what it is for now), as ever, copying the U.S. and decriminalising marijuana.

On yersels yon hasheids!


MAYDAY Rally, Glesgay, Star Wars Day: Communists, Socialists and Labour alike discussing the future of an Independent Scotland.

So I got into a discussion.

I want independence; not because I hate Britain, but because it is easier to revolutionise Scotland than it is the UK.
We need sustainability and sustainabable, efficient, economic and environmentally sound trade ties - because, lets face it, if we lose the pound, the EU, the militia and "defence" mechanisms we constantly supply the English and their British army, we could be facing an embargo. And no University is going to get you out of that one.

Then again, I could be wrong -- thoughts?


It is up to the individuals to serve the community,
which is why things get built or destroyed at all.
Let's work together to plan our actions before rash decision.

C'est jusqu'à les individus pour servir la communauté,
qui est pourquoi les choses sont construites ou sont détruites du tout.
Nous permettre de travailler ensemble à planifier nos actions avant
la décision irréfléchie.


to faerierhona

in response to:
--- suicivilized wrote:
> actually, there is nothing to sell.
> i am a non-profit person with a good idea of how we could all express our wish to be free.
> take this chance if you have any sympathy for wanting a more peaceful world.
> And inform yourself before you judge.

If I am interested in this sort of thing, i will find it. Do not spam communities with it that have nothing to do with it. Do not contact me again
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Do not be such a coward as to judge me and not let me reply.

Do not tell me what to do, or you are as bad as the governments that cause all this war and suffering.
I am reaching out to give everyone this chance, and I believe spirituality is the most relevant interest to have when concerning these ideas.
Everyone deserves this chance.
I doubt you will find anything like this searching in Google.
Nevertheless, good luck in all you do and I hope you find the right path.

Jamin' Represent

is a project in order to organise the knowledge and opinions of the majority in order to hopefully discover some clear attitudes and courses of action in this critical time.

We need your help to re-organise community facilities, to show leaders the light, of which their ignorance has created needless frustration, suffering and destruction.

Issues from environmental to political and sociological must be considered from every possible perspective in order to cover everyone's needs.

I am a non-profit person. I do not get paid for this.
In fact, I am sacrificing university work to do this, because this is what I believe in, and I know others believe in freedom and equality too.

So, will you give it a chance, or are you against these things?

Oh, and the reason this seems like spam?
I'm only one girl.
I can't be fucked typing out completely individual messages to everyone.
Please don't be blinded by your own skepticism, and see this thing for what it is - I know that is all you ever try to do when you criticise, but if you read it you would understand there is nothing more to it than what it is, and its need for participation, comment and promotion.

Thank you for listening,
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